in Dreadlocks

We specialise in installing dreadlocks in all hair textures. We also offer dreadlock removal but consultation must be booked before hand.

Free consultation availble between 2pm - 5pm 7 days a week.


Do I need to book a consultation for new dreadlocks/maintenance?

No, there is no need to book for a consultation – please pop in any day after 2pm at your convenience. We can then discuss your hair and what you’d like to achieve, and explain our methods and pricing.

I live quite far away from the shop; can I email over some pictures of my hair instead of coming in for a consultation?

Yes, please do. We will need to see the length and thickness of your hair, so please send us a picture of the front, back, and sides of your hair. It’s also useful for us to see the style you’re ultimately aiming to achieve – so have a Google and send that too!

How long does my hair need to be to start dreadlocks?

To start dreadlocks on European/Asian texture hair, it must be at least 4-5″ in length. Afro hair (depending on texture) can start the dreadlock process with a gel-twist method at a shorter length.

Are dreadlocks permanent?

Yes, dreadlocks are a permanent style.

Do you offer faux locks?

Yes, these consist of dread extensions that are braided into your own hair to add length and then wrapped around the top. Please note, we will need to see your hair before booking you in for this.

How much are dreadlocks?

We won’t be able to offer you a price without seeing your hair first; this is because our services are priced per hour. Please pop in for a free consultation or email us with pictures of your hair (front, sides, and back) to get an approximate quote.

Will I need an appointment, or can I just walk in?

You will need to make a booking with us for all new dreadlock appointments, a deposit will also need to be taken (a part payment towards the total cost). There are times where we can accommodate walk-in appointments, for example for maintenance work, but we would always recommend calling us on 020 8115 1457 to book your guaranteed slot.

I only want a few dreadlocks, is this possible?

Of course, before taking the plunge of a whole head of dreads, a lot of clients prefer to start with a few. Prices per dreadlock start from £5 each, and we can usually fit you in as a walk in, or between other clients.


Please note all prices may vary due to stylist and time spent. 


  • New Dreadlocks (Full-Head/Partial)

    Price on Consultation

  • Dreadlock Extensions

    Price on Consultation

  • Dreadlock Repair

    Price On Consultation

  • Wash, Shampoo and Dry Dreadlocks

    From £10 - £20

  • Single Dreadlock

    Prices Start From £5 / £20 Each

  • Dreadlock Maintenance (Re-Twist)

    From £45 - £65 per Hour

  • Dreadlocks color or highlights

    Price on Consultation

  • Dreadlock Styling

    From £10 - £20

  • Dreadlock Maintenance (Crochet Needle Technique)

    From £55 - £65 per Hour

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